My Bicycle.

So many years ago I spent a lot of time cycling, well after a recent conversation with my parents they could not get me off the bloody thing. But when I started working I went on it less and less until years down the line it was something that I just kept meaning to get round to. I really did enjoy it and have recently decided to start back down the road (or should I say bicycle lane?) of the 2 wheeled transport, I think for 2 reason, 1- I loved it and 2 – I may look like im in a fit condition but I am physically unfit.


So here it is….


The Genesis Core 30, and its soo nice. Finding the bike I wanted like most things in my life is going through everything I can find on line, every review, all the reviews of anything to do with any part of the bike. Genesis are not a big company and don’t have their bikes in every shop and I have always like the underdogs so I decided to go for the Core 30. With a RRP of £850 I spent ages trying to find a cheaper deal and did, found some for £699, the problem was is that no one had one in stock, and the main stockist said that was it for the year! After spending all this time finding the right bike and then being told you will have to wait 7 months! ARRRRRRR, I was not too happy, so I spent a few days going to different bike shops in the North West trying to find one with no luck, after popping over to Liverpool to see my lovely girl friend a called a bike shop in the area to be told, once again they didn’t have one in stock, I was 5 mins in to an email I was writing to genesis asking where I could get a bike from when the shop called me back, they had one, don’t think I stood to the speed limit but Birkenhead is not somewhere you want to spend much time stood still im told. So now I have my bike.


It is still taking a little getting used to, and at the moment im only going to and from work, I have not had a day off as of yet and I hate to say it but I am unfit so the fast few mins to work and back are working.

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