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Hello blogging land, hope you are having fun doing whatever you do.


So life, well its very nice having a new bike to play with, bring back some really good memories of my youth, fuck I sound old. Well it is nice being out and about, found some nice routs along the cannel which takes you out of the centre of Manchester, it must be 5 mins on the bike and im out in the open, quite surprising. I have seen some other routs I would like to go on but my lovely girl friend is still waiting on her bike so I think it would be a little mean to go out without her.

We did go to centre parks this weekend which happens to be really nice, I did have some slight reservations on what it was going to be like but it was spot on, this small get away was in aid of her dads 60th so it was a small break with all of my girl friend’s family, a little scary but it went well, I feel I got to know them a little more than just the usual afternoon visits.

Dont know what really to talk about, I seem to be up to the usual things, going to some good gigs, have drinks with friends, now I have my bike so I can look at the keeping fit side of things and then you cram birthdays and such a alike and im busy. i think one thing I need to get better at is the long term planning, you know like getting tickets to go see bands or planning trips with friends in a few months, I think my mind works in a very now, tomorrow, next week sort of way but going away this weekend showed me that with a little planning you may have to wait but it normally turns out good.

Right need to go do some work,


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