Im back

As the title says im back, I have not been any where just been very busy.

So work, none stop. Just finished installing a new NEC 2500 with a Qube server on one of the biggest 3D digital screens in the uk, it just takes weeks to sort this stuff out and get it all in and then work out how to use it and then train one of the biggest team in the uk on how to use it. For the 3D side of things we are using a XL unit which recycles the light lost going through a polarizer so gaining 12% of light, it looks just fantastic and thats just not the 3D but the 2D. At the moment its running Ice Age 3 in 3D so not really the best test for it and a shame as Public enemy is out and was shot in digital as Michal Mann (one or two n’s?).

So the projector is fantastic, the server is another thing. Not the best but I dont think the worst, all we can do is try it.


So keeping on the movie topic we are now in the summer block buster time, we had Wolverine which didn’t do too well (I thought it was ok), Star Trek which did some really good business (I thought it was very good) this week we have Ice Age and public enemy (which I have yet too see) and in a few weeks we get Harry Potter which im going to go out on a limb here and say it may do ok. BUT why do the mass going public think thats the only film out that week? Well its not, Moon is out and after years working in cinemas I have a sneaky feeling that this film could be something really interesting, a film that no one knows where it came from then BAM it’s something everyone is talking about.


So lets catch up, I have the next 2 weeks off from work. Im not going anywhere, well may do some camping at some point. It more of a relaxing holiday with good food, Manchester festival, time on my bike and a good time to catch up on the movies I have missed for the past few months. I read there is some sort of festival on in Manchester for a few days, I know the main square and the gallery are involved and I also spotted there is an outdoor cinema in spinning fields that I just think I will potter down to, and as my girl friends knows I will be trying to pop my head in to the booth, thats if they even have a booth, im betting its going to be a digital projector but im happy with that.

So biking, its good, its killing me but im thinking in a good way. I seem to have a set route now, head out of Manchester on the cannel intill I get to the far side of Trafford park then back in on the roads. Got a app thing to track the time and distance. It works well, I’m seeing my distance increasing and the time decreasing, that’s got to be good, right??


Right I’m going to watch some tennis, not really my cup of tea, I would be much happier watching Life season 2 but we share the TV, think its a 30/70 split in her favour, but that’s love. x


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