Friends moving on

I just hate it when friends move on, not for them for me. It hasn’t happened too often but a few times in the past few years. I’m talking about friends who you just know and have something to say once or twice a week but friends who you see 5/6 times a week. The people who you talk to and would trust.


We its here once again, I have worked with him for the past 5 years, its not like he is going to be moving a few hour’s drive away, its a 17 hour flight! People say it wont be the last time you will get to see him and I have to say they are right but not by much, I think due to the distance it just feels shit but I understand why he is moving.


If you think about it you love your family but you don’t get to pick who they are, you friends on the other hand are the people you get to pick, and normally its by chance that you meet or get on, that’s what I like about it, nothing is forced or predetermined it’s just fate


Still crap tho

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