MacBook Pro

Ok I love computers, always have, think I got that from my dad with his old 486DX2 with turbo. I love messing round with them and building new systems, its just something that’s has always entertained me.


With the interest in computers and the skills you pick up from just working with them a lot comes the “can you help” problem. Well its not a problem but I do tend to help out more and more friends and family members when it comes to things not working, I don’t mind but sometimes it is like I speak a different language.

So to the Mac, my Step mum uses her laptop for design and work but its a old laptop that has needed to be upgraded for some time in my opinion. She has been interested in getting a Mac and one day in conversation she asked how much one would cost, I told her it would be around £2000 as she would have to me one so when I get called I know how to fix the problem. She said yes! Now I don’t want the low end macbook as my laptop had a better spec, I asked for the mid range pro, yes!

Now until I have it in my hands nothing is for sure, this is true but there is a bigger chance than last week of me getting a macbook pro.


I have to say having a iphone apple are good at what they do, and with the ability to run windows 7 as part of the boot camp you get the best of both worlds. Just hope it comes true.


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