So the past few weeks have been very buisy, I have been helping a few friends with filming, I say helping but its more of moving stuff and holding stuff but I’m glad to help and it lets you watch people who know what they are doing, I think I have picked up quite a few things just by helping out.

Working in the sets gives you a good idea how much work goes in to the preparation of filming, lighting can take hours just to get right and once it is you find you have 10 very hot lights in a small room and with 6 people , and have never felt heat like it. But also looking at the camera work and how different people frame different shots. Its very inspiring, I don’t think I’m much of a script person but I do think I would enjoy camera work.

Work have a short film festival every year and its coming up in the next few months so I’m thinking of may be doing something. Ive been trying to get a few people on board from work but its not moving as quickly as I think it needs to for it to be workable.


So Gigs, I got to film Dr Tid and the triple 8’s album launch on Friday night at Centro Bar on Tib street. First the Gig which was very good, its a nice venue and I think this night went off very well. The filming was something a little new to me a long with the broadcast quality cameras, I did find the more I drank the more risky shots I went after, I hope once they have the footage it works out well, if not I don’t think I will be asked again. It was also the last time Arm rug would ever play, it was good to see them back and doing what they do best and it had been some time since I watched them play.

They also got a little air time this weekend on BBC Manchester radio, have a listen here, its 2:20 in and Shmoo also got in there just after.



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