Short film

So for the past 3 years the company I work for hold a yearly short film competition, and for the past 3 years I have let it go by with out doing anything for it.

So I work with a lot of people who film and cinema is an interest to them, perfect for someone who want to make a short film, must be bursting with ideas, no so much. A lot of talk and not so much action. I didn’t really have an idea for a film and I don’t like things like scripts but I was going to be dammed if I was going to let another film festival pass be by so I entered.

For some reason after thinking got a good few days I did come up with a film idea but its very dark and depressing, starts with love and ends with loneliness. I don’t know why I would come up with this but again I didn’t want to do story or script I wanted to shoot it and edit it but my hand has been forced as there was no one wanting to do a film.

So most of the footage has been shot and I would say I need a little more and then the rough edit will be done, I have a few people going to look at it as a fresh set of eyes would help, also got a friend who edits very well who I thought of getting some help off just to make it look smother. You know I don’t expect to win anything, my plan has been to learn final cut pro and I have done in the past few weeks, then I move on to the sound side of things then the rendering/exporting side. I think the film will be ok when finished but that’s what happens when im filming it while being in it and thinking of the idea and script and then editing it, it would have been nice to work as part of a team to put something together but we will see how it all comes out

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