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Film did not got in the short film competition, im thinking there may have been a chance that is was removed due to breach of the rules or that its was just not very good, I would have liked to have gone down south for a day out but think I got a lot from doing all this work in the film so may be next year I’ll get other people who really want to enter something.


Im now one day away from starting my 2 weeks holidays and for the first 4 days it will be nothing but Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but for the remaining 10 days I will be in Nepal, I have a friends wedding to go to but thought I would take a little longer over there and have a little break. I am really looking forward to the change in life for a week or so, I think it will be a unforgettable time.


The World of apple, Macbook  pro to be more specific keeps getting better and better. The thing that had hit me in the past few days is the power of this thing, not just one thing but every component is very quick. I ran a screening for a friend last night from my mac and lets be honest running a video is not very demanding. To get the equipment set up I had to run a virtual windows 7, at the same time I my desktop running 1440×900 and my extended desktop running at 2048×1080, then I opened mail and it did not even slow down.

So I can see most people running macs through Tv’s or home projectors, I get to play with some more high end stuff, last night for this short film I had my mac plugged in to a £4000 scalier which was plugged in to a £35000 NEC2500 putting a 2048×1080 image on a screen 35 foot wide with 15 fLB on screen. We are the Avatar trailer of my mac as a test and it looked as good as what we get from our digital servers.

Im also now loving my new 3Gs, its just a nice quick update, I think the camera takes a much better image and even the video looks good.


As for word its been a few hard weeks, a nightmare of a film festival for 3 days did take a lot of attention but the rest of the building still needs running so I think they way im feeling now looks as if I ran at 150%. How ever much hard work it was it was still interesting and challenging and its nice to have a challenge every now and then. We ran Digi Beta, Beta Cam, Beta CamSR, 35mm, dvd, Blu-ray and some stuff in NTSC making things more complicated. The problems did not come from the different media but in the frame rates everything was set at, as the player was a loan and not through us we could not play 23.98 and 24 fps, so any tape in this frame rate would not play or go out of sync, its just hard when you care about what you put in screen.

So apart from feeling knackered from a very busy week, I have the flu and have only just started to feel better from the jabs for Nepal. I could do with starting to feel better before I do the midnight at Game for MW2,

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