The Christmas life

so every christmas has now become the same, hours and hours in the car driving to and from family. i have to say i have not become used to all this driving and its not too bad when the roads are clear but at the moment the roads are not clear and even if the snow stops its looking to be some very cold night just making the roads icy. it all starts on the eve of christmas, this year im out of work at about 10pm and then its home get in the car and off for about 2 hours, it can be hard work driving after a 12 hour shift and on roads where if you slip off no one would even know apart from “whats the gap in the wall”. then is half of christmas day then off again in the car for about 2 hours then another stop for a few hours then off again for 2 more hours in the car. i do prepare for this trip, i have been working on my xmas drive playlist for the past 2 weeks, got a torch and blanket and depending on the snow a shovel.

i cant complain too much, i get to see all the people who mean something to me in the space of one day and its not like the roads a busy apart from all the kids with new bikes trying to keep up in the snow but it would be nice to be the person people come to see, could just enjoy some xmas tv and have a drink or 2 before midday.

im sure one day this will be, but not this year.

Merry Christmas

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