Avatar does the business

so i think most people who follow films would say Avatar is going to do well but working in the cinema industry nothing is certain, its not the top 10 films that make us the money its the 10 below that, the ones that were not expected to do as well as they did. Now i dont think Avatar was ever going to be in the bottom 10 but it is nice to see how much business the film is doing and not just in Digital 3D but IMAX.

At the moment we have 4 Imax shows a day for about 360 people, every single show has sold out from the 17th and you cant get a ticket till sunday, there are 20 seats left for the 1st show, now that busy.

Go back 5 years and Imax did not do these number, i think its partly down to the change in films but also to the fact people are starting to find out what Imax is and why its a better experience. You do pay extra but even if you take away the massive screen and fantastic sound and real 3D you dont have to sit through adverts and trailer, you walk in, sit down and your film starts, personally i would pay extra for that.

And to go back to an old post about the image not going full screen, not one person has made a complaint about it, think once its on you could not even tell where the screen ends. i love it when people say where is the screen, thats the screen, its at the end, you think its the wall, its the screen.


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2 responses to “Avatar does the business

  1. Gregg


    I went to see this in IMAX recently, only 2-D where I am unfortunately. The inset screen bothered me quite a bit, I understand his reasoning, but surely the whole point of IMAX is to fill that screen? And as you correctly said earlier, the ratios aren’t wildly different. So it was slightly disappointing from that point of view.

    I also noticed a slight cyan cast and very high contrast overall compared to RealD 3D screenings I’d seen previously. Possibly a result of transferring a digital film to celluloid (?).

    On a positive note the sound is incredible in IMAX, I could hear dialogue that was inaudible in regular cinemas.

    All the best

    • booncunian

      i didnt know it was showing in 2D IMAX, i know there has been a big push in regards to 3D for this film.
      we are only showing this film in 3D, one IMAX and three 3D digital screens, personally i dont think there is a big difference between Digital and IMAX (apart from the screen size and ratio) We have a very large Digital screen and is close to the width of the IMAX image. With IMAX they do DMR the films, this film was no exception and it was very close to the point 3 days before the film was released it was still being printed, due to the DMR you do get some shots that come across as grainy, i think it where they think it looks ok so its not worth the time it takes to touch up.

      i have to say after many years of working with 3D that this film is a show case of what 3D can do, its not “in your face” 3D but it works very well and at some points i forgot i was watching 3D, i hope you get to see it in its full glory.

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