so at the moment i im working on a work related project for a good friend, she asked me to help out on this one as the last project ran over by a year. its noting to demanding just video editing and working with motion. i have been working on this for the past 2 months and i still have not yet got vital parts needed for me to start finishing off the bits i have been asked to do and the person im doing this work for is happy and she knows, But there is someone else who is working on the project and just makes life so hard work, always wanting to know what im doing, when it will be ready, and it never stops.

I dont mond people who like to plan everything out but i hate people who think that they must take control of a situation, you know i dont really mind that if they are good but ti have someone who is rude, hard work and now thinking they can run the entire project just gets me angry. i try to get on with most people, im happy to know you can never get on with everyone but this person as so hard work and they dont know it, the last meeting we had they, what i can only describe as, had a tantrum. you know when you go shopping and the little kid want some sweats at the check out and mum says no, the actions that fallow were the same, may be not waving hands in the air but the rest.

its funny what added pressure and deadlines can do to people, i quite enjoy it and feel its a time to shine, others just cant handle the amount of planning and work and just “go off on one” would be the only way i could describe it.

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