So this year I hit the big 30, personally I think its all crap and its just a number to remind you how long you have pottered around this world. So a few months back I was asked what I would like for this mile stone of birthdays, at the time there was really nothing that I could not live with out (yes now it would be an ipad) so I decided I wanted a gig, I wanted all the best local bands I had listened to over the past year to play on my birthday in one location. So it did take some planning and I have to say with out Ash from Dr Tid and the triple eights it would have not happened, so how did the night go? I has to be one of the best birthday celebrations I have ever had, I was surrounded with the nicest people I have meet through my life in a great location with some of the best music you could ever want to hear, and I got so drink I managed to fall over 3 time on the way home, once in a bush. I think I may have been able to drink a little longer but the night before we took one of the digital engineers from LA out around manchester to show him the real city, he got to see it up until about 3am, he was flying back to LA at 5am. So 2 days of heavy drinking was followed by a trip to Liverpool to watch Midlake play which was a really nice gig, we did walk about 5 miles down Smithdown Road only to get to the end and find out we should be going down Smithdown lane but in the end we got there and had a good night. So one thing I got that I did like was some nice whisky off my dad, its something he has been in to for sometime and I think he wants to pass this on to his son, I think it may take some getting use to.

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