Mac mini

so like most things i decided to get a spend hours and hours reading every review and looking at what extras i would need to buy before it did what i wanted it to do, durning this time i get very excited about all the geeky possibilities.

i have a home media centre but its a big power hungry system that will not work 100% of the time, the trial windows 7 is running out which would cost me £80 or so and i still want a system that i can leave on and access when i want and not worry about the huge bill at the end of the month. having just moved in the mac world i had a good look at the mac mini, small, power efficient and sexy. i have to say it ticks most boxes and its not what i would say as expensive as most apple products.

i have to say looking at the front row media centre its one of the first times that windows wins, with windows you just point it to the media folders and every time you turn it on it finds any extra added media, Recored live tv. you can get the media thing to with but its a fix through itunes, you can see they would like you to get everything through itunes and thats why it works this way.

i have already planned out the cable routs for image and audio, im still looking at getting my 4 bay raid drive connected as its Esata and to change it to USB you need to have a port multiplier.

All i need to do know is buy the thing, job done.

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