Alice not so much in wonderland

So you may have seen in the news that the main cinema companies are threatening to not show Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, when a film comes out at the cinema the agreement is it will not be released on DVD for 16 weeks, this is so the cinema industry has chance to make money not just of the first few weeks but also as the special shows you see week to week at your local cinema. Disney don’t want to wait the 16 weeks but want to bring it out in 10 weeks.

Not matter what each side says its about making money, Disney want it out for DVD sale quick and the cinemas want to keep it until its made the money but what if disney get there way, well I could see the price of a ticket at your local cinema go up to cover the loss and then when it comes out on DVD you wont be able to watch it in the glory of 3D, Yes I know 3D sky is on its way but trust me its not to the same level.

Cinemas and film distributors have always had little love bumps in the road, The last Rambo was a big one with Sony wanting a huge % of box office takings, Odeon said we are not showing your film and sony lost out by millions, again Sony want more money and if they had got there way you would be paying more for a ticket.

I know at the end of the day Disney will have to back down, may be if just one of the UK cinema chains had a problem but everyone is ganging up on Disney and if they don’t get there 16 weeks only 10% of cinemas will be showing the film, think about how much money a big film like this could make, then think about only 10% of that, I don’t think the extra 6 weeks of DVD sales would make that number up.

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