Engineer update

So I decided to start the ball rolling in the world of cinema engineer, I know that its something that is in the distant future but i’m not going to wait around for something to open up and they start down that path, just because a position is not available dose not mean you cant do the job.

So first thing is speak to the bosses, trying to get knowledge is very important, to piss off the main people by not asking there ok would be the worst thing I could do but you do run the risk of them saying no but its worth a go so I did.

I had a great call, they are more than happy for me to tag along (for free, as expected) and the conversation even circled the future possibility of engineering jobs and how a person like me would be suited for a job like that, didnt expect that conversation. I still have one bloke to talk to before moving on to the engineers for there ok and sometimes this bloke can put a dampener on things, its a good job I can just wash it off and move on.

So once its all ok’ed from the upper management is time to start with the engineers, I dont think this will be that difficult as would you turn down help if someone offered? I do need to get some reading up in as I want to be turning up at site and doing the job, not slowly picking it up but doing it, that means getting hold of some of the more sensitive training documents. I think this may be a little more difficult to get hold of as with this information I could easily render a £25,000 projector useless so I need to do some trust management.

The job would be hard, I spoke to an engineer last week who installed a new digital projector, he ask the tech to lick up the mouse and he said which one is that then! And the hours away in a car travailing up and down the UK but I really think it offers a huge amount of reward, its a little like projection, you are part of a team the public never see, they have no idea you are there but with out you screens would not be showing films, its something I love about my job now, engineer feels like a natural extension of that.

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