life update

Ok small life update, this is not really for the readers of the world but I like to think many years from now when in flying round in my spaceship looking for other jedi knights I will have a little time to look back and remember the good old days.

I finally got a bonus and not the poxy 1% and after all the hard working getting it all I really want is some nice allen keys, and may be a new tool bag to put them in, ok ok  and may be a new xbox game but thats it! Well maybe its a sign to me becoming more grown up?


So last week I had chance to go to cinema that was having a replacement NEC2000 digital cinema head replaced, I did go down for the lifting needed but while I was there I got my friend so show me how to set it all up, which is a job for a cinema engineer, and it was so easy. On the way back he got many calls from so many different people doing the same job who just could not get there heads around it, I think it showed how as the technology changes you need to change with it and some people just wont be able to.

One of my manager left a few weeks back and it inspired me to look at other jobs, there have been a few but more in the management of the technical side, I still like the hands on technical side so I have decided to turn my attention to this.

Like most jobs its about experience, if you are going up against someone in the company you need more experience than them, so to do this i’m going to spend as much time helping out, it will be a little crap as it takes up days off but this is how I got in to the world of projection.

Hummm the rest of life is good, mac’s good, nights out good.


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