spend a little cash for the future

When I decided to go for the job i’m in I was not in the best financial position but I decided to buy a suit as the £200 I would spend would not feel so bad when I got the job and started getting more money, it was kind of an investment in the future.

I found my self in the same situation recently, i’m very interested in getting in to the engineering world of cinemas, I have most of the tools needed to do that job but I was missing an Airport Extreme or something of that nature, its £80 in the shops and I have spent the last few weeks deciding if I should get one, I got it yesterday. Right now I have no real use for it but i’m hopping in the next few months it will be little things like being able to go to a cinema with out the worry of having the right tools that would really help me to move to this area at some point in the future.

At the moment in sat around waiting for the latest digital installs so I can go down and help out giving me the experience and also highlighting to the people in charge of the engineers I can do it with out problems. I think from this there would be more chance of getting small jobs to do when there is no one in the area to do them which would again give me the experience i’m looking for.

There is only so much reading you can do, I have all the relevant information and software you could ever need to move in this role and having worked with digital cinema for the past 10 years I feel I may even have more experience that some of the current engineers.


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