Past times and old days

So down to the wonders of facebook, like most people, i ended up becoming friends with some old school friends. i moved away just after i finished school so didnt really get chance to do drinking with my old friends.

So anyway we planned it all and meet up for some food and drinks, it was really nice to see my old friends and see how they have got on in the past 14 years, most of them now have kids and have settled down which is very different from me, something that did stand out, and im not trying to be rude but when i moved from my home town a moved out of my parents house when i was 16, i them moved around a little then moved to the big city so i think i have had a lot of experiences than someone who left school and stayed in the same town for 14 years.
It was little things like taking about rent and where i live, an 8th floor flat in manchester is easy to find, there are 1000’s but they seam to think its luxury. they are great people, i just think sometimes you can get a small town mentality through no fault of your own, on the night out i did as to go to a “proper pub” and we when to a wetherspoons.

I think meeting up with old friends remands you of how you were back in the day, its nice as im really happy with where i am now.

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