Airport Express

so i decided to get an Airport Express for 2 reasons, i like the idea of AirTunes and i wanted to get one for use at work.

The Airtunes is very good, i do have a mac mini that i have been using for music but all on my music sits on my macbook pro and this is where i make playlist and burn CD’s, i did start copying over music to my mini but its an extra thing to do in a world where i should not have to, so with Airtunes i just set off some music or playlist going on my macbook and set the speakers to the Airport and jobs done, it does take a few seconds to buffer but then is off.

The other reason i got it was for work, this little device is great to plug in to the projector network and you have a wifi connection to the server and projector head giving you the freedom to work in the screen for image alignment the best place to make sure the image is perfect in where the guests would be sitting.

So the problem with the 2 different uses is the way the Airport needs to be set up, for the home its just a case of plugging it in and job done but to them take it to a very secure network very detailed setting are needed, not a big job agreed but then i found the profiles section, so i have now set 2 profiles, a work and home profile.
Now i would expect some of the setting to be general so things like wifi name and password would always be the same, this is not so, you can change everything! from the click of a button it moves from a home configured system to a very technical set up all in a few seconds.

£80 is a little on the high side of a router, i did have a look around but every other “portable” router all come with a power block adding something else to carry round or break, so with this in mind and with the 5 profiles you can set i have to say it is well worth the money and if you have apple care you can get this covered as an accessory.


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