Ipredator VPN on a Mac

As the new internet bill starts to make is way through the law makers of the UK it starts to point to what the government are going to do to stop the sharing of illegal files.

Im not here to have a big debate on the concept of peer 2 peer, personally i think there will always be room for something like this, would i buy the box set if i hand watched the show and really enjoyed it, the people who download then go on to sell the music or movie then yes they need to be stopped but what about the person who want to watch the TV show when it comes out and not months and months down the line when it finaly comes to the uk? i would be more than happy to pay for a service that let me watch the tv shows i like when they come out and not dependent on where in the world i live.

Back to the point.

The way 99% of all people are tracked is via your ip, the address given to you by your ISP, someone sees your ip downloading something you should not, they contact you isp and then you get a letter, most isp will give you a chance and will give you a warning before disconnecting you. if the new rules regulating the internet in the uk are passed would put a “3 strikes and your out” policy in place, you get caught 3 times and you would not be allowed to have an internet connection in your name, im sure the bill will change before it goes through.

As most things they grow, VPN (Virtual Private Network) have been around for years, normally you would see business using them giving them access to company networks in a very secure environment, it connects one computer to another and with the encryption makes it very difficult for people to look in on your traffic, once setup all of your internet traffic will travel down the VPN to the other computer.

There are now services available that gives you a VPN for a price, i have started to use Ipredator (from Pirate Bay) and for a cost of £13 for 3 months, this is not capped in the amount of data passed down the VPN and now generates a different IP address in a country that have very strong privacy laws giving the government no power in finding out who the IP belongs to, VPN would also give you the power to view web sites that have been set to a single country (I.E Hulu.com will only stream TV shows in the USA) but as your VPN IP is generated in that country you can see these sites.

Im running this connection on my mac mini, the VPN is very easy to set up, part of the setting with the VPN provider is they disconnect after 10mins of no use, this is not good as each time i have to connect to the mac to open the VPN, i have now found a little Apple Script that, every 3 mins will check the connection and if its closed and if so will reopen the connection.

i have had it up and running for the past few days, its not as quick as my normal connection but thats kind of expected, having just my mac mini connected means the 2 other laptops down see the drop in speed.


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3 responses to “Ipredator VPN on a Mac

  1. Would just like to ask, i have purschased ipredator but when i download something, it kinda stops after so long and says source file cant be found or read. do u know how to fix this or have you experienced anything similar. thanks

    • booncunian

      i do get a not authorised warning but i dont have any problems in the connection, sorry i could not be more help.

  2. thats ok, have just tried through my wireless connection and it works ok, even if the connection is rather slower now but thats for obvious reasons. thanks for the response

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