Job Pt 1

So in the next few weeks my boss’s job will be coming up, its a very well defined job where only a very small few would be capable of doing and I would fall in to that category.

At some other places they have just promoted internally on a seconded position but i have found out this wont be done for me, now im not really looking at this as a bad sign as i believe HR have pushed this for an interview as the job is quite high profile but i still get a little feeling of disappointment, the past 9 years i have proved the work i can do and it still feels i have to jump through some hoops to get there.

To say i have 100% chance of getting the job would be stupid but i would go so far to say i have a 96% of getting the job as i hold a lot of skill in the specifics of the job as well as the general layout of the job.

Down to my boss moving on and some other people moving on my workload has gone through the roof and its just another thing to add to the list of things to do while im trying to hold the place together with the help of my team, its slightly ironic that i have to apply for a job that im slowly taking over as my boss moves on as well as doing my own job and now i have to apply for it.

And i really dont want to go in to the change that the people who dont even work there want to put in place.

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