So as i had expected the past few weeks have been busy, applying for a new job and some new additions to to the team and the usual problem related to my work so i knew i would get tired and i have.

The chance to move up in my job is something that is always in the back of my mind, even tho we are only at the stage of applying for it i know im going to get an interview and im already going through the possible questions and answers, the possibility of not getting it is also something i have to think about it and its just not a good out come and would make me re-asses what im doing and where i want to do it. at the moment there is nothing i can really do about it but trying to stop thinking about it is not too easy.

So at add to the job thing i have just finished interviews and now have 4 people to start, its a job that requires a lot of training and this takes time and planning, the reason we have some new people starting is due to people leaving which is now starting the strain the operations, so much so i have a lue day that i cant see taking anytime soon, sometimes the day off is not worth it as ive just got to come back in to the problems from that day off.

And with the changes at work all i have done when getting home from work is sit down, open my mac and start typing work emails, to the point saturday just gone i was emailing friday night at midnight just to get up early saturday to dial in and spend an hour fixing problems.

It not down to a poor team, i think its my own fault for being very involved with work and the problems we have, i sit there are learn most aspects of each thing so when there is a problem im the best person to call or fix the problem. im sure this will be a good thing in the future but at the moment its just never ending.

I know its busy as i feel worn out, i am just getting over a few weeks of being ill and im betting this is part of it, the lack of energy, running at 100% for so long is just going to making being ill worse.

Lest hope all the work is worth it, application in Friday, interviews less than a week after and a few days after that an answer but thats another set of problems with the info i hear about offering me bottom of the band(rant time!)

Bottom of the Band, for the past 4 years i have sat on mid band for my job, 3 years of exceeds in my reviews and every year im told “next year” or “now is not the right time” to get any extra money, im MID BAND, thats what a band is for to move up, so when i hear that someone trained on every single aspect of the job going, the same person to exceed for the past 3 years in a job that is so similar to the new job that they want to offer bottom of the band is something that pisses me off. No experience in the job, average reviews is bottom of the band.

I’ll work on that one when i get offered the job.


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