In no mans land

So i had my interview on Thursday and had been told i would find out that night or the day after, i sit here on saturday still with no answer.

Now i have done interviews and the amount of people you have to inform can cause problems and can delay your plans in telling people.

So i sit here playing both possibilities over in my head, at the moment i put a lot in to work and answer calls at home and send about 40% of all my emails from home, having exceeded all the areas of my review in the past 3 years i think it shows the level of dedication in to what i do. i now start to wonder if im not good enough to get the job with all this in my back pocket would or could i keep up the same level of work?

I dont believe that people have the right to get a job promotion and im happy to interview foe the role but to be told you are not good enough, not get a pay raise after exceeding then maybe the level of work im putting in is not worth the money im getting paid.

Its not all bad, after getting the new person in and getting them up to speed it would be my plan to develop in other areas and it would give me more time but it still would be something i could do in the new role.

Lets just hope i find out today.


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