iphone iOS4 real review

so im betting if you are intrested in the new iOS4 for the iphone you are going to have read most of the reviews, i have and they are good but they are from people who do this for a living, not the average person who uses it like the rest of the world.

So i have iOS4, having a friend who is an apple developer means that he and the rest of his friends got to start playing earlier that the rest of the world #win!

So after some time to get it installed the first thing that stands out is the look, its just more polished and it works very well. when you unlock the phone it now has the home screen icons swooping in if you are going to the home screen and i have to say its a really nice effect, you can have this now as you can set the wallpaper of your home screen (about time the world screams out).


The wallpaper is such a simple thing but i think it adds to the welcoming look of my phone.

The next thing that i was looking forward to is folders, different apps in different folders would and has made my life a little easier, i now dont have pages and pages of apps now i have a few folders with different types of apps in, just a quick click and you can access the apps in that folder. one grip (yes i know and im sorry) but i have loads of little games (i have a nightmare of being stuck on a train with no network for hours) and i cant get then all in one folder, i think its about 9 or 10 apps per folder but lets be honest you could just have Fav games, ok Games and time wasting as folder names.



Multitasking is something that as you read will make you happy, there are some apps that work but its things like mail and safari. most of my other apps have not been updated to use this new feature yet so its hit and miss with what works and what wont. over the past few hours i have started to use it and it works well, just press the home button twice and you have the bottom on the screen move up and there are your tasks runing, you can just swipe to see what other tasks are ready to be accessed. i felt it made me work quicker and it made things just that little more easy to do.


Now i use my phone a lot for email and its nice to see mail getting a look in on this update, the single inbox is great, no more backing in and out of different mail boxes every time you phone buzzes and then on to the big one. when you are firing email to and fro you now have mail threading, next to your email it says how many more emails you have of that thread, its REALLY good, in a few clicks you can see the entire conversation and it works so well.

There have been a few things that i have noticed that i have not read about, i got an email today saying “lets have that meeting monday morning” now the “monday morning” was highlighted blue like an email of phone number, i gave it a click and it asks if you want to add it to your ical and it adds it with the title of the email, just so quick and easy.

So to give an over view its just fantastic, somethings should have been there since day one but its nice to finally have them, the bigger jumps are worth the wait. for me this is the appetiser for iphone4 in the next month or so.


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