Catch up

ok time for a blog entry.

Lets break it down in to the things i love.

Work has started to get better, i have a new Projection Manager who is making my life a little easier, work is still as busy as usual but thats just how i like it. i now get to take a few days off as i now have someone to keep things on track and its a good feeling knowing that i have someone to make the right decisions and that i dont have to worry about anything when im off.


i have started taking more and more photos, getting a few new lenses has helped in my love of photos and i have now started to mess around with them a little after taking them and im getting some good results. I have started a posterous thing with a few friends, the only rule is the photo has to have come from an iphone so no nice photos from a nice camera, its interesting as its all about the photo and not the quality but saying that with the new iphone 4 the photos are much better than the old one.

iphone 4-

Got one, went out the night before the release day, got drunk, could not sleep so got up at 3am had a brew, called my friend and we went down and stood out side the store from 5:30, you may think this is sad but many people que for many things, this is one of my things.

The nexr=t thing i want is an ipad (spot the bloke with extra money) but you just cant get them, i thought that as the iphone4 comes out people attention would be shifted to that but how wrong was i. i have been on the wating list at 2 stores for a week now and nothing, even the local pc world and currys have nothing. i did find the one i wanted but its in terminal 1 of manchester airport so i would need a tickets for a flight to get one. im not really used to the waiting thing, normally i can find away to get what i want but not this time.

And not to miss out the girl friend but thats not something i tall about on here.


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