Just so pissed off @ hard work . com

I cant quite tell you how pissed off i am right now,

OK only a few people get email address in my company, seeing we are at the top of our game this is a little poor but you can see why and its always down to cost. the email address you may get is not accessible via anything apart from a company laptop or blackberry and that it.

So being at on of the biggest sites i started to use my own personal email for a good years or so but when it came to me replying to email it looks crap if they come from shitemail29884@hotmail, so i bought a domain name that had a professional ring to it, the problem now (after 3 god dam years) as its got a little branding in i have been asked to stop using it, i had a look and over the past 3 years i have sent and received 7000 emails so i think that shows you just how much its used.

With this email it has to make me 40% more efficient at communication, communication being one of the building blocks of a good operation. for the past 3 years i have paid for the servers to have this email at about £100 a year just to make me better at my job and which flows on to the operations i manage so im hopping why you would see i would be so pissed off about this.

For every reason they said i could not use it i had a answer, its safe and secure, it follows all the companies policies regarding branding and emails, but i think the person who made this decision made it before i had chance to explain.

I then got an email of someone who could have helped and said he didnt see a problem, i replayed with the fact he had sent the main email account 1 email and my email 167, what else can i do to show this is goig to have an effect on the entire communications and not in a good way.

i think it all boils down to me! i love my work and try really hard to be good at it and in so helping the entire team in what they do, to have something in place that has helped in so many ways for the entire department to be taken away with just no thought in to trying to keep this system in place is not just disappointing to me but the team.

Im a high manager, and yet i dont have my own email address, my girl friend who has worked in front line work for customers has had an email in every job she has had, im thinking they are just off on what a modern company needs to have in place for the people in the areas that make the money to fund things like the peolpe who have asked me to stop using it.


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