Not the best day

So i have a very good friend who is moving away, this happened about 4 years ago and its not the easiest thing to get over, im going to cover the same topics as i did back them, yes i know they are not dieing and its not too far to get see him but its still going to be a loss.

the problem is he is sort of my drinking buddy, the bloke who always knows when you need to go for a drink or two, he is also the bloke who happens to make the night turn in to something you thought it would not, granted that normally ends in a huge hangover but i would guarantee you would have fun getting there.

i think through life we meet very few people who we can say we will be friends for life and i dont mean just add them to facebook and be done, but friends who you may have not seen for years and you would tell them things about your life you may only tell another person in the huge world. And being part of the friendship idea they would tell you things they dont want anyone else to know.

I think that friendship is not black and white but many shades of grey, you have different friends for different reasons, it takes a big step to start talking about very private things and as you start down this path its nice to have a friends who is there when you need it.

I dont know, he’s not moving to far away but im going to miss the quick beer after work that turns in to a night out with everyone, im going to miss the BBQ’s and food hotter than the sun, im going to miss the jokes and talks about the trouble we have got in to, well its normally the trouble he has got in to, im going to miss the stories about what he managed to do with a full day off and nothing to do, the random films he has found and has passed along.

Im going to miss my work colleague, im going to miss the BBQ’r, im going to miss my drinking buddy but most of all im going to miss my good friend.

Good luck.

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