Canon 550D shoulder mount

So i have just got my hands on the new Canon 550D, i wanted to get a shoulder mount as when it comes to filming it would offer a more stable image.

If you have looked around they are not cheap and this was not something i was willing to spend this sort of money on so i thought i could make my own.

So i wanted something light but strong and it had to fit on my shoulder.

This is what i came up with.

I started with a metal strip, i found a spacer for things like sound racks, my plan was to bend it to form a shape i would like


I watched a few videos on hope to bend metal, it turns out i could clamp it down and bend it my self. i did this and got the rough shape i wanted


The next step was to make the whole thing a little more sturdy, so i attached the identical metal strip along the top.


Now i needed to add some handles, again i used the same type of metal strip i had and used some brackets to attach equipment in to sound racks has handles.


I spent a little time making sure the length of the handles were right, then i attached them.


Next i added a cheap quick release camera fitting, i got this from a really cheap tripod i had.


With this now on i could put the camera on it and see what changes i needed to make,
The first thing was i needed to make it stiffer, with the long thin neck the metal had a little play in it so i ran another neck under the main one to help.


I then added a little padding (that i hope to improve) and it seams to work very well.


To start with i did look at working with wood but this requires a lot of work and room to do it in, having the metal strips worked well as most of it was drilling.


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