A chance happening

So readers of this blog will know about 4 years ago i really good friend moved away and this happened again in the last month, its just part of life but its still not a nice feeling. well last night, with a wonderful set of circumstances both friends happen to be in manchester at the same time with a night free, i dont know if it was a good thing as now i once again remember why they are good friends and all the fun we have had in the past. Of course i went out with them, no one could have stopped me but it was that taste of something i wont get again, well not with the 2 characters in question.

I dont think it helps that most other things are hard at the moment, if you know me my work is very important to me and i take care and pride in what i do, with the recent changes and cuts it has made the job harder, im more than willing to “step up” but i feel i have to cover a huge amount of areas with inexperienced staff, they will get better with time and have shown great improvements but they are making mistakes like anyone would starting in this line of work but i have taken on 3x more than i normal would so i have 3 times more mistakes and they are doing full time hours and not 10 hrs a week so now i have x7 more mistakes and i have to explain again and again that this is going to happen.

I think it comes down to working very hard over the years to get the level of work high and being told that its a little too high is hard to understand but harder to lower the level you have worked hard for.

I have worked for most of my life, i have been here before and will be back at some point, you get the hard times when all you do is fight problems, but just as with life, if you dont have the hard times to good times would be as sweet.


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