Dead Macbook pro

So it’s official, after a phone call on Thursday my Macbook pro is beyond repair I think it could have been but I’m not going to push the point.

So at first they offered me the new mid range MacBook pro for £1649, now I had to top of the old range so I kind of wanted to the top of this range, I was thinking I would have to put in a few extra hundred quid but it turn out the top i7 is only £1699, I say only, it’s still a lot of money.

So now I’m waiting for the cash to get it, spent the past 2 weeks with out a laptop and. Now I’m really missing it.

The other service they offer is a hard drive return, so they will check it, put it in a caddy and post it back to me all for £30, it’s a 500gb 2.5 and I get it back for £30, yes please!

So now I’m playing the planning game, if the money comes today I can get it next day Monday, if Monday I can get next day Tuesday, if tuesday I could get it sent to work and so on, they say up to 5 days! 5 days to put my address on the thing and send it to me!

So now knowing i can get the new one I have started checking the reviews out, I didn’t do this when it first came out as I could not get one and I didn’t want to look at something I could not get but now I can, it would look as if its fast, very fast, it would also look as if it’s got the capability of cooking your crotch if you really ouch it with it sat on your lap.

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