The Mac is Back

So after the long wait i finally have my macbook pro back, and not just my old macbook pro but the top end i7 macbook pro down to the kindness of my insurance company, well i did have to put £50 in to it and i had to wait for comet to sent it to me as thats where i got the voucher from, the next step is to have a look at apple care as last time i got one i got it on a student discount at around 76% off so i nee to get it for the same price.

Its just really nice to have a laptop back but its like the added icing on top getting a new version, you know when you turn a new laptop on its not set up like your last, i think this gives the new feeling and i got this with my new mac until i plugged in my old hard drive, with in 4 hours (it was 500gb) my mac was just like my old one, now im not nocking this but in the blink of an eye i went from “nice new mac” to “my old mac is back”

So i have not really tried anything to push my new mac, im sure at some point i will but at the moment its just nice opening as many programs as i want and it keeps going and going. im sure with a bit of editing on the go while running xp may push this thing a little.

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