Forgot to take my holidays

So as we get to the end of the years it was about time i had a look at how many holidays i had left to take before the end of the year, due to many aspects i had not taken many, not really down to me but just how the events at work played out. 2 weeks ago i sat down and have a good look over the year and it turned out i had 2 weeks left to take, its was a tight fit but just got them in, it turns out i have another 8 days on top of that so i have many more days to take.

This would be one of the many weeks left to take and it all started off with a wedding in Tunbridge wells, or Royal Tunbridge wells which is about 1 hours drive south of London so about 270 miles drive and i got it done in about 5 hours which was good going.

So the wedding was in a beautiful barn, after the wedding we all got a steam train through the country and then back to the venue, great meal, fantastic night, it was just a really nice day.

I was a nice start to my week off, i think being away from the 1st days of my holiday was perfect, it felt like a real start to my week off, being in a hotel, spending more money than i would at home.

So now i have a few more days off, its not going to be as exciting and more cleaning and getting round to things i have been putting off.

I also have a work event, its the Christmas party, it the 2009 party so it is a little late and im betting im not going to be able to plan another event this year so im betting its going to be 2010s party.


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