Just pissed off

so i will write a blog soon but part of this for me is getting my current feelings off my chest so here is my rant of sorts.

So i was at a wedding, part of being at a wedding is dancing and i have to say im not the biggest dancer, i can be but its not something i would like to do everyday, so part of it was some sort of irish dancing, i have to say it was just not for me but for some reason, normally beer i seamed to take a large amount of shit for saying no. now im 30 years old and very confident in life and my job, when i say no there would not be a soul on this planet that would be able to change my mind so to be pushed and pushed on a topic i have declined just put me in a very bad mood.

Now there is only one thing in existence that is 1 capable of getting me out of a mood like this and 2 have the power to sway my decision in any way and she would be the person i fell in love with. i will fight for what i believe in until i die and who ever put me on this earth knew i would need someone to counterbalance it, ying and yan, right and wrong, so she was put on this planet and its a good job she was as A i had great night and B i did do i little dancing.

You know as i type and think about what i am saying i have the feeling that i have more luck than i im entitled to in life.


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