So Christmas would be the current topic of conversation and i have my own little life story on this.

Im a bloke, i would go so far to say an average bloke, i cant really cook, i fix things, i like beer and computer games. dont get me wrong i like to think i have my own little quirks that would differ me from the “average” bloke but when it comes to Christmas i think i fall in to the normal box, i have a great idea about what i would do but 3 days before christmas day would be the time i start to shop and think about the big day.

For the past few years its been different and this year has stood out, i got the most amazing advent calendar in the shape of a randier, it has little draws and so far i have got, love hearts, guatemalan worry dolls, some chocolate and a plastic spider. Down to the thought put in to this i pushed me in the Christmas mood, i went out and got a tree, lights and all the bits one would need to have the festive cheer in the home.

I think the reason behind this blog was i thought what it would be like without the festive force i have pushing me and please dont get me wrong it would not be a sad time but i would not have the joy and wonderfulness going on in my life as i do now and thats down to one very happy, festive person.

Now after reading this please dont for one second that this man has changed, i have yet to buy the majority of this years gifts and to say i have any idea of what to get would be looking at things in a positive light

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