Macbook Pro lid slip

So had my macbook pro for a few months now, i took it is as i could hear a little rattle in the frame, the apple store removed the base and re-seated it and the little noise went away.

Before the apple bloke took it off to re-seat the base he said “its been dropped”, i told him to sod off as there is now way it was dropped, the reason behind this was the lid did not line up with the right hand side of the base, its the smallest thing but you could see (if looking for it) that is was not quite right, if you ran your finger over it you could feel it.

So i decided to do it myself.

What you need:
T6 head

• Open up the base
• You will see 2 black T6 screws on each side, the right side (looking at it) are more easy to access.
• I loosened just one of the screws and pushed the lid in a little and tightened up.
• You have to put a lot of pressure on the screwdriver.
• I also had to do the same to the opposite side as that went out a little once i did the right side.

You may not what to do this your self and if you have never looking in the back of a computer or laptop i would not recommend it, just once touch in the wrong place and you have a very expensive paper weight.

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