Taking a photo or two with Andrew Brooks

It has been a while since i have blogged, part of this is down to work and having fun but im sure i will blog some more at a later date.

So Photos, i love taking photos and now have a different array of lenses, nothing fancy but some old interesting ones.

Last week i managed to get to MoSI so see a bloke called Andrew Brooks in action, i caught his “Hidden Manchester” exhibition at Urbis last year that was amazing. So during the night i found out that the images he takes are just not one image but a group of images all stitched together, now you may be thinking (as i did) that this is not photography and he dose not sell himself as just a photographer but a digital artist as well.

I have to say it was very interesting, i enjoy taking photos but i also like to tweak them once i have them on my mac with the great screen, this just takes it a little further but it takes sometime once you have your photos in photoshop.

I would recommend you check out his web site and get down to his exhibition in manchester from 17/02/11 to 3/3/11 at The Hive.


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