Macbook pro and SSD

I have the 2010 macbook pro i7, i love this thing and its nice and powerful. A good friend got a new macbook air and when i watched the speed of the little thing it was obvious the hard drive in any computer becomes the biggest bottle neck in the speed of the thing.

So i decided to stick a SSD in my macbook pro.

So 1st decision which one?

You will spend days looking in to this, the big area to keep an eye on is that Lion will support TRIM so i would not worry about this to much, i could go in to all the things i looked in to but i would be here for hours.

I went for the OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD and here are my reasons.

• Uses the Sandforce controller, Garbage collection and supports TRIM.
• Great reviews, not just out of the box but months down the line.
• Great customer service.
• They care about mac user more than windows (thats the feeling i get)
• They release firmware to fix mac related problems (most SSD seam to have the same hibernation problems) Some users dont have any problems, lets hope im one.

The only down side i could see is that i live in the UK so would have to get it shipped from the US, it took 4 days and that was including the weekend so it was not a big deal, the only thing to remember is if you have a problem it would have to be shipped back to the US.

So next would be how to use the SSD.

I got a 240GB but thats only half the size of the drive i have now, so i decided i would get an optibay, as my macbook 2010 i7 has both SATA ports at the same speed i would out the SSD in the optibay and keep the HHD where it is for good reason. I want to keep the motion detection and spin down function.

So i needed an optibay but im aware at some point i would need to use the superdrive, MCE sell an optibay and you also get a external enclosure for the superdrive, at the moment i have not got it yet as they are out of stock but did manager to find one on and bought it for $65 shipped to the UK.

So at the moment i have the SSD, snow lepard ready on a USB stick, i good idea on how to install and where to put things but just no optibay!

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