Macbook pro Optibay SSD set up

so i have installed a new OWC SSD in my Macbook pro 2010, it is a lovely drive and very quick but i didnt want to lose the massive 500GB HDD i had so i went for a optibay. Now i have covered what drive and why but this blog is about the data.

You will read that it is possible to move the “user” folders quite simply and this is great and tried it first, all the bigger document end up in this folder and you can have it on the HDD you have.

Now the downside from this is all of your user files on located in this including the desktop. Not all of my user files are big and need to be stored on the HDD. Music, Movies and pictures are the big ones but the rest are fine as out of 240GB after the install and applications i had 160GB left.

Now this takes a little more work, you keep the user location the same and then have the music, movies and pictures go on the HDD. You them need to delete the normal user folders in relation to the new location and then just add a sort cut.

itunes and aperture will let you set up the cache folder on the SSD but the bulk of the size on the HDD.

One of the bigger reasons i feel this works is power, only having data on the HDD that i dont access all the time it gives time for the HDD to spin down, so im using it less, that should save a little power, i hope.



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2 responses to “Macbook pro Optibay SSD set up

  1. Jonathan

    How do you separate the applications to put in the ssd? Do you just drag and drop them? If you can for a article explain the best you can the necessary steps to do so.

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