Macbook pro SSD HDD optibay OX install

Got a question on once you have all your hardware in how do you go about getting the best OSX install?

The point of having a SSD is speed, if you worry about filling up your SSD and try to keep most things on your HDD whats the pint of having a SSD?

Once i had got the SSD installed i installed a new copy of OSX, once i had booted up to the SSD i then migrated from my old OSX that was installed on the HDD.

Now i didn’t migrate everything, i didn’t want music, movies and photos, they are just BIG files that dont really need the speed of an SSD. I migrated Applications and general settings, with the i got what i would say is “My” mac back, everything as i had set up and run for the past year but i also had all my applications on my SSD giving me the speed i wanted, yes its a big file but we go back to whats the point of having a SSD!?

Once i had this set up i just added a shortcut for the relevant folders i needed linking the normal user location to movies, photos and music. its not the easiest but there is a forum that explains it here.



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3 responses to “Macbook pro SSD HDD optibay OX install

  1. Jonathan

    In order to migrate Applications and settings, would I just clone them or would I have to drag and drop the folders. Is there a link you might have for reference. By the way, this is one of the better tech blogs that I have read. Nice job.

    • booncunian

      if you search in spotlight (top right) for migration assistant it will go through stop by step. all you need to do is un-check the boxes you dont want to copy over. Remember this will copy over anything you have done with the current settings you have running on my SSD/Mac now.
      I just went for settings and applications, everything else a copied to a folder on the HDD called DataDrive and this is where my music, photos and movies live.

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