Asus RT-56U

I like computers and i love my mac, im online in the first 10 mins after getting out of bed and i would say i dont go for an hour without a email, tweet or some other connection to the internet.

Im happy with my home network but the other day my macbook pro set off on a time machine back up and it had 621GB, this took 23 hours to do a back up over wifi, now i use the standard Thomson router i got with my ISP and this got me thinking. Wireless G is good and 100% of all the routers i connect to have been G, N has been out for some time and even if you look at “real world” speeds its still very quick. All of the wired connection have GB Lan connections and the Thomson was the only slow link in the chain.

So after looking around i decided on the Asus RT-56U due to a few reasons,
1 – amazing reviews on nearly every web site a looked at.
2 – It can run both 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the some time as 2 different networks, this would let me have one network for the faster equipment i have and one for the slower.
3 – It looks awesome.
It has the usual GB Lan, QOS so you can set a priority services, USB connection for FTP of media store.

The only down side are,
1 – cost, its more at the expencive end of router.
2 – its just a router, no modem.

For set up i connected to my Thomson router and set it to bridge mode so its just acts as a modem and nothing else, i did test a DrayTek 2820 to act as the modem but the Thomson is much faster.

Once this was done i hooked up the Asus and going through the set up menus i had it connected and working with in 5 mins. The GUI is simple and easy to use but if you are more comfortable with the inner workings you can access the advanced section and it offers you more control. This works very well for me as some aspects i want to edit and fine tune but there are areas that i dont know too much about so want to have the idiots interface.

Asus offers you a Dyndns style account, it lets you access your USB drive via FTP all through a web address which is great if you dont have a static IP, this also works very well for VNC/Screen sharing or any other services you could use.

Overall i thought i would have to put more work in to get this up and running, its very fast and now with the bigger backups i run im getting around the 4 hour mark, plugged in to GB Lan its about 50mins.


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