2 weeks to relax

So I have got a little time off from work, 2 weeks of no work, I can’t remember the last time I managed to get a full 2 weeks off.

I came at the right time, very busy with work and training up new managers to run other sites, part of the training was pointless. It was like training a pilot on expert frizzbee throwing, yes they both fly but in very different ways.

So back to having 2 weeks off, I have to say I don’t really have anything substantial planned but i’m sure that could only be a good thing, 1st thing on the book was a re visit to the dentist again. Odd but as i’m half way through the grand old age of 31 I have this feeling of looking after myself and it had been some time since going to the dentist, found a great one and managed to get on the NHS list as soon as I walked in, all in it cost me 1/3 of the normal price, bargain apart from the 2 days of a numb face.

Another thing I have on the back burner is a job application, A very large company has an engineer job going and it looks very interesting, the money is great and its covers eastern Europe so a little traveling, one area I need to find out more info is how much traveling, i’m happy to do it but don’t want to spend too much time away from home, its the reason we all have jobs to have a good home life, not very good if i’m never there. On the upside is the money like I said, all expenses, 5 weeks of training in a very nice country, just generally interesting.

But on the topic of jobs I got my 10 year award last week, got £100 for it, it may be my age but of all the things I could think of buying I wanted some nice pans and a set of knives, I know it may sound odd but I can’t tell you how good they are. I have been cooking a little more and its been great, downside is it turns out cooking nice meals most nights costs loads for some nice food. Oh and also got a new chopping board, its like 3″ think.

Speaking of food i’m going to cool bangers and mash, something easy for the new teeth to get bedded in, and when I say bangers and mash I mean the nicest food you have ever tasted.

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