New Job

Recently you may have read a post I made about applying for a job and not getting it, I didn’t get it based on not having the correct skills but because it would be difficult to replace me in the job I would be leaving.

A few months ago I was made aware of a job doing the same type of thing but for a very large, world wide company. To be honest I felt I would be punching above my weight a little by applying but I thought it was worth ago.

The company is based in Canada, the 1st part of the application was a telephone interview, due to the time difference I had it around 12pm BST, I can tell you its the first time I have ever had an interview in my PJs but it went ok and I managed to make to through to the 2nd round.

Now this job looks to be very amazing, its based where I live but I would be covering western Europe so I would get to do some traveling. The money is very very good, all of my expenses are covered, company credit card, I can stay over the countries i’m working in for breaks, generally great all round. Its not all great as i’m sure the traveling would be hard some times, out of the 40 hours of work a week 30 hours would be getting to and from the site.

So getting through to the 2nd round I was invited down the London for an interview, I felt it went very well and even had a great day in the big city. It turns out the interview went well as I found out a few days ago that I got the job!

Its just such a huge step and a bit of a life changing job and its all happening very quickly. They want me to start in 3 weeks from now where they want me to fly to Canada for a all expenses trip to train, its 4 weeks away and I know I will be a little home sick but things like this are a once in a lift time experience.

But with most things in life there are downsides, a very good friend also applied for the job and didn’t get it this time round, after recently not getting a job I had applied for a know the feeling very well and its not a good one. I feel its a little of a double hit, as we work together in a management capacity his work load will change as I am leaving, it would be a long lasting change but still its getting new you don’t want to get and then seeing the work place you still work at change for the more challenging is not great new. The upside is there will be a 2nd job going in to next year so I know it will only be a short lived thing.

So I have 3 weeks to make sure my operation is ok when I leave and get ready to spend 4 weeks away from home training in a new and exciting job, its amazing how quick things can change.

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