The end of one book and the start of another

So I have 4 days left to work before I leave my current job after 10 years 3 months and 2 days, its the loges I have ever been working for one company and I don’t leave at the drop of a hat, I leave with an amazing opportunity and what is sure to be a very exciting time.

With only a short time to work I find doing the usual things, getting ongoing work finished and making sure all the relevant information has been passed along, I was ready for this but was not ready for the good byes I would have to say, I have already had one member of my team who I will not see for some time, I had not really thought about this with all the other work I have been trying to get done. I work with a small team, with a team of this size you become a family, leaving this family had not been something I had thought off with all the excitement of a new job.

Speaking about a new job I have a week before I fly, just over a month in Canada with all my expenses paid and I have just found out that the long flight to and from Canada is going to be business class, boom!

The only thing I have to worry about at the moment is pay, not the size of pay (all I have to say about this is ZING) but when I get paid, I may have to cover all my bills for 2 months on one months pay. Going to have a chat with my bank that assure me its possible by adding up all the bills, Ye thanks Natwest, most months I wonder how can I spend all the extra money I have coming in when I don’t have to pay for things like food, drinks, transport and the usual odds and sods of life, dicks.

So I have started to get things sorted for the long trip, I may have 6 days or so before I got but I have 4 days of work and something planned every evening next week (look Natwest, life costs money) so I do feel like time is slipping out of my fingers a little.


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