Day 1 in the new job

So its 7 am and i’m in canada, its the first day of my new job. the last time I had a first day was 10 years ago so its a old but not forgotten feeling.

Landed in Toronto airport after an ok journey, my new company spent the cash and splashed out on business class for all the flights, its very good and not only with the amazing food, seating and service you get on the plane but all the lounges and express lanes and free this and that. One thing that I did really enjoy was the seats, being 6’1 planes have always been something of an uncomfortable squeeze but this time I could almost lie horizontal.

The hotel is nice, free wifi, 2 TVs, paper every morning, I have yet to see it in the light of day, saying that I have yet to see anything over here in the light of day so lets see how the first days goes.


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