A week in to life

so I have just about done a week in my new job, I say a week but so far its just training. It is very very good, just enjoying loads of time to get to learn this stuff and there is no big rush to get it done, the weather in Canada has been just amazing, sunny and hot until today, today it started to rain. Its odd as I have done well with the whole being away from home but with the rain its started to make me think of rain, its odd and it shows the weather in Manchester is not as good as it could be but now its raining its just like being at home, just without being at home.

The people I am working with are just great, very nice people with great humour and ability, the working is going well and its just amazing getting this level of training vs my old job where I had to pick this stuff up on my own.

But for right now I find myself in my hotel room with most of the work I could do done, with the time difference its not like I can call all the people I wanted to speak to as they are 5 hours in front and i’m stick with a very limited canadian TV, but this is only for a short time and i’m now a third in to just over a months training. The thing that will save my mind and heart will be Friday, my girl friend is going to be landing 16:40 local time and i’m looking forward to it more and more, they say you don’t appreciate what you have until you don’t have it and I have to say I am with that. before I came over here for the training I have to say I was stressed and was not the best present to live with, I wasn’t being a shit but I was not the usual me. But now I am not stressed and I have the chance to make up for that little grumpiness I had before I came over.

So work is going well, very light atmosphere that is helping, I would like more hands on work as it the moment its all class room thinking with a little hands on work, we are on site in a week giving us a little time to do this work and i’m looking at staying on a little after work to put this learning in action.


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