The end and start of something amazing

I sit here on the last few hours of my 32 days in Canada training for my new job, my flight is in a few hours so perfect time to put my experiences down in a few words.

Amazing would be one word to sum it up, to think I accepted a job that would leave me in canada for a month training on some of the most advanced projection equipment was a scary thought as I got on the flight over here, also who would I be working with during this time, am I going to be good at the job, just so much to think about and its easy to say I was scared.

There are 2 types of people you remember, friends tat you have worked with or known and with out knowing it you grow apart for what ever reason, there are also the friends that no matter how far away or how often you see them they will always be friends, the group of people I have meet here are all the friends you never loss contact with. Its been a true pleasure to have worked with these people and have made this whole experience in to something I will never forget.

It has been odd, I have lived in a hotel for 32 days without a break, eating out every night and as there is not much else to do in the area drinking most nights but its a easy thing to do when you have great people to go out with. I did manage to get some touristy stuff done and thats down to my girl friend who came over for a week, I think without her I would not have done have the stuff I did and it would have been a crime to have not gone to Niagara Falls or up the CN tower (that I have now got over).

its an odd feeling at the moment, like anyone in my shoes you want to be at home, being away for this long has been a hard thing to do but in the same breath its hard to leave, i’m sure if I had been training with a different group of people I would not be having these feelings and I would be at the airport 8 hours before my flight but I got an amazing group, I also think our new employers where amazed how well we bonded, its just odd and very difficult to put in to words so i’m going to stop here.

Now I have the job of getting home with twice the luggage I came with, 14 hours of travel but on the up side its all business class that I have to say is quite amazing, the other person who i’m flying with asked “why didn’t you check in online” to which I replied “I love walking down the business class line with ripped jeans and a scruff look, make me feel like a rock star” and I have to say it does, Express lane this and that, lounges and free stuff. Coming over one of the flights got delayed, as they announced it would be boarding soon everyone rushed for the gate, the bloke I was flying with said maybe we should get in line, I said just hang on and as expected a call came over the PA “Now boarding Business class passengers” and with my northern voice I slowly made my way through all the “suits” saying excuse me, again warring the jeans with wholes in, a hoodie and unshaven, the little man can win sometimes.

Before I go I just want to say how amazing my girl friend is, when this job came up she could see how much I would enjoy it, being away has been hard but with all the new things I have had my mind taken off it this would not be the same for her, she is my hart and soul and with out her I would not be the man and person I am today.


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