Day 1

So just done day one on my own, i have the feeling of “What i have i let myself in for”, generally a bad day, well not bad but not to the level i would have liked.

I have to remember a few things,
1- Canada was a high, a low always comes after a high.
2- I was very good at what i did before, i wont be that good walking in to a new job.
3- New people make mistakes.

I think another thing that added to the evening was after 33 days i got back home and have 36 hours before going back on the road, it was amazing to be back and now have the blues about being away, i think its the whole being away for a large amount of time then back on the read so soon.

Well i have a week of this so i need to get my brain turned on and get in the grove (as the kids say)


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