So it’s been a busy few months since my last post, I have been in my job a little longer and moved house.

The job is going well, one thing I have started to see the effects of is money, this job pays a good amount more but with most jobs when you break it down over 12 months you don’t think you will see the effects, well I have. Not to the point where I’m buying a new car every month but with all the money you have to spend moving house I found myself still having a comfortable amount of money, that’s how I tell how well I’m doing with money. So after working very hard over the past 5 months and with a house move coming up I decided to take a few weeks off, so I did and have just come back to work.

So we have lived in Manchester city centre for about 5 years and have loved it, it was great being close to everything and in with the lifestyle it brings, it was only when we got a new neighbour and had some problems with them playing music,, it was only during the day but it was annoying when you are in your own home, so we started to look around and with the extra money the new job was brining in it made the search easier. So after looking round we decided on Chrolton and what a great idea, we have been in for 1 months and it’s amazing. One thing that I was not expecting was the seance of community, all the people on my street are just so nice, it’s an amazing house, close to the park and some great pubs, 6 mins walk from the tram stop and 16 mins on the tram and you are in the city centre.

Word wise I have a new boss, and he is making my life easier by making the calls that need to be made, I feel they are trying to reduce the work load we have in the uk, still having fun, I have a meeting in Paris Friday, all the way to Paris just to chat to someone! Awesome”


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