Little job in France

So I have only been back in the uk (home) for about 24 hours before I’m back on a plane to France for another week, now it’s not the best as I would liked to have spent a little time at home, being away for 5 days you need time to relax and spend time with my girlfriend but this opportunity came up to go to France and help out one of the other engineers.

It’s not a big job and he is very good but just needs a little direction in some areas, so when they asked for a volunteer the few other people in the meeting did not rush to help out where I jumped at the chance, after the meeting one of the uk guys asked why I had jumped at the chance when it would mean me working harder and being away from home longer, it’s simple, the bloke I’m going to help out is an audio master, he has many recording studios, he has worked with some very very big names and yes I’m going over to help him but with questions of my own, even if I walk away with a 10th of what he knows I would be very good at my job, as soon as I said this the penny dropped with the other guy.

There are other upsides to this whole thing, I spend a huge amount of time working and traveling on my own, I get to spend a week working with someone, and he is the coolest French dude I know, beer drinking, smoking, swearing, payed back, just as the French should be.

So a week in France, with a cool dude, only downside is being away from home after only just getting back but 5 days will pass and I will be back home.


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