7 month flashback

so 7 months ago i had my 1st day in my new job after training, as i should have expected it would be hard and i would make mistakes but at the time you feel like you are going to be ok. i the memory i have is walking back to the hotel and i called my girl friend and told her i think i had made the wrong decision and i should have stayed in my old job, at that time i really thought i had. i was completely outside of my confront zone, there was a vast amount if new information to take in and i dont think anyone i was working with would have expected me to land in the job and have no problems, but i think its the way my brain is wired and i hate making mistakes so when i was it just felt crap.


So this week i found myself walking down the same street at the same place i made that phone call 7 months ago, it was just a great feeling to remember what i had been feeling that short time ago, it was great to have a reference for when i have come from and it gives me an idea of where i am.


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